What is a Triple Thick Chick?

Main Entry:  thick  
Part of Speech:  adjective 
Definition: bulky  
Synonyms:  blubbery,broad,chunky,fat,firm,husky, massive, obese, pudgy,wide

At first glance, the word "thick" doesn't sound like anything you want to be classified as. If you look at the definition of  thick,  you'll see words that demean, destroy, and destruct your very sense of self, but wait, further review shows that the very same word can also defined as deep, broad,  concrete, impenetrable, firmsolid, substantial.  The goal of this blog is to take the word "thick" and emphasize the best definitions of it and exemplify those meanings in every area of my life but especially in the areas of beauty, brains, business. 

So what is a Triple Thick Chick?  Triple Thick Chicks are Big Girls doing Big Things and by BIG I dont mean in size but in mentality. We dream big, we live big, and we inspire others to do the same. Triple Thick Chicks dont operate in fear but in power, love, and a sound mind. We are more than pretty faces, we are women building businesses, families, and nations.

Triple Thick Chicks...
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